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Goal Tending | Betsy Schow. This is the website of a woman who wrote a book about finishing.  She lost a bunch of weight as a result.  I want to do the same.  So, here are my goals, as suggested my Ms. Schow’s site.

  1. Set “active goals” I am going to eat less and move more, sticking to a calorie budget of 2000 calories and walking a mile or more six times a week for 3 months.
  2. Outline the plan – own the budget.  I came up with my calorie budget using Betsy’s budget calculator.  I plan to track the calories I’m using via the food and fitness journal on Everyday Health.
  3. Take the no quit pledge and close the escape hatches.  I, Julie, hereby take the no quit pledge.  To close escape hatches, I will take the following actions.   Weekdays, I usually drop my kids off at the bus stop at the corner.  After they get on the bus, I will take my walk.  On weekends, I will leave first thing in the morning without waiting for kids to be up.  If kids are already up, I will dress them and bring them along.  Since I usually post to my scripture blog on a regular basis, I will set things up so that Everyday Health is one of the sites that comes up when I turn on my browser.  I will track my progress by noting the number of calories I spent on the family wall calendar and drawing a star for each day that I took my walk.  Furthermore, I will keep a journal in which each task I finish will be noted and celebrated. 🙂
  4. Shutting up the voice in the back of your head.  I will sing hymns and think about the scriptures I intend to write about (or have already written about) during that day.  I will pray morning and night and any time thing seem to be getting hard or boring.  If I am tired, I will look at my “done it” list for the day and remind myself of all I have accomplished.
  5. Pick the nuts out of the peanut gallery.  When/if family and/or friends express skepticism about my desire to lose weight, I will smile and thank them for their concern.  It’s always nice to know that people are worried about you.  However, as Betsy says, they can’t see inside me.  This time, things are different.
  6. Become a collector of finishers medals.  No more “to do” lists for me.  I will keep my “done it” lists instead.  I will celebrate every accomplishment.  I will write a smiley face by each task that got finished and thank the Lord for helping me to finish them.  I will also read the book Finished Being Fat regularly to remind myself what I’m working for.

I don’t hope I can do it.  I can do it.  I am awesome.  Pray for me.