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2 FollowersSo, I was checking my gmail this afternoon while my son and his caregiver are doing his 20 minutes of school mandated reading aloud and I happened to notice that I had a note from Tumblr which read “[so and so] is now following you.”  I didn’t know I had ONE follower so I got excited and went to check Tumblr to see who it was and, lo and behold, this is what I found.  I have not one but TWO followers.   Two people think my book reviews are something worth looking forward to every week.  How did I miss this.  When I posted my book review yesterday, I had nobody.  Then, this afternoon, suddenly, I have two.  I’m… uh (searching for appropriate words here) shocked, excited, thrilled (to name a few).  I even managed to deafen Princess when I noticed it because she happened to be sitting right next to me when I exploded with excitement over it.  Ten posts in three months and no followers at all and, just when I was starting to wonder if anyone thought this was something worthwhile, suddenly, out of the blue, I have TWO FOLLOWERS on Tumblr.  Thanks, you guys.

In other Tumblr news, I did some research and I’m not the only one who does book reviews on Tumblr.  So, in the interest of drumming up more interest for all concerned, I thought that once a month, I would choose a book review Tumblr other than mine and feature it on my own Tumblr. 

In family related news, Boy is now on daily medication for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) and his marks are showing a distinct improvement in his behavior.  His behavior chart is organized on a 1-3 scale, 1 for “Needs improvement”, 2 for “Some of the time” and 3 for “Most of the time.”  These are supposed to be our indicator of Boy’s ability to follow the class rules during the day.  Today, he brought me four 3’s and two 2.5’s.  Wishing to let him know how thrilled I was, I flipped out.  I was quite pleased.  As a reward, he gets an hour on my computer, after he’s finished with his homework, of course.  So I figured I should get in my blog entry early, before he starts requesting his computer time. 

Be back here for more news or whatever strikes my fancy, next Tuesday and don’t forget to visit “Falling in Love With Myself Through Gratitude” tomorrow for my second Blessing-athon in honor of Thanksgiving, last week (links are in the sidebar)