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Dear Feminism,

4cdc6d1b8445209bb2da11afa380f3c7I’ve noticed you tend to do something that I find particularly annoying.  You keep saying, “If you’re for equal rights between men and women, you’re a feminist because the dictionary definition of feminism is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men'” and yet you wonder why so many women (myself included) don’t identify themselves as feminist. Well, I’m here to clear that up for you.

believeHave you ever heard the maxim, “practice what you preach”?  This is a saying that tells us it’s necessary to do ourselves the same things we expect of others.  Similarly, there’s the saying “Actions speak louder than words.”  This one means that what you say doesn’t speak for you as loudly as what you do.

9ipo8okatLet me give you an example.  Let us say that the US Republican Political Party decides to tell people that it advocates for same-sex marriage.  However, over the next several years, party members enact laws severely curtailing or even eliminating same-sex marriage in the US.  You’d be more likely to believe their actions before you believed their words, wouldn’t you?  They could say, “we’re for same-sex marriage,” all they wanted, but it wouldn’t make a difference because their actions would be telling an entirely different story.

Now, let me get to the meat of my letter, feminism, because I’m not here to talk about Republicans or Right or Left Wing Extremists.  I’m here to talk about you.

As I mentioned earlier, you keep telling me “If you’re for equal rights between men and women, you’re a feminist.” However, I keep seeing things like this:


and this:


and this:

None of these actions are examples of a group seeking equality.  They are the actions of a group intent on domination over another group.

So, Feminism, if you are intent on people believing you stand for equality between men and women we need to see you speaking out against women drinking from “Male Tears” mugs, speaking out against “#killallmen,” and speaking out against people such as those in the above video.  Such actions give you a very bad name, Feminism.  They make you look like someone who doesn’t really care about equality so much as you care about having your own way.

In summary, you can claim you’re about equality all you want, Feminism, but your actions are talking so loud that I can’t hear a word you’re saying.