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I’ve discovered a number of things today’s society would like to hide from us.  Things social justice warriors in the United States are missing almost completely!  Are you ready for this?

Today’s society isn’t inherently masculine or feminine.  Today’s society is…



cover_imageYou can tell by the kinds of things you see on magazine covers.  We know that, statistically, most people in the US are fat.  But men’s magazines typically depict finely muscled specimens of masculinity, with their rippling pectorals and biceps.  What’s the purpose of this magazine? To make the typical man feel inferior.  carrie-womenshealthmag-coverIf he feels inferior, he may buy the magazine to try to find out how he can get ripped like the man in the picture.  Women’s magazines are worse.  Photoshop is routinely used to smooth out complexions,  slim down otherwise curvaceous bodies and provide unnecessary thigh gaps.  Why?  To make the typical woman feel inferior, so that she will buy the magazine to try and figure out what she needs to do to get a body like that.  The magazines are basically selling a ride that nobody can ride.cropped-gris_masthead_fin-2

Here’s where I get to tell you the next thing I learned.  The best way to catch a man if you are a woman.  Are you ready?  Here it is:


4108e94de21d141bce5ceeef9da845c3Are you shocked?  You should be, because that’s not the image being sold to us by our capitalist society.  If we all spent all our time confidently being ourselves, nobody would buy anything.  Yes, you read that right.  Look.  Do you know what most men find the hottest?  Confidence.  You could look like Quasimodo’s sister and, if you walked with a confident strut and took care of your body, guys would be all over you.  The trouble is you can’t sell confidence.  There’s no cosmetic you can use to artificially create it.  There’s no prosthetic you can wear to simulate it.  You can learn to be confident, but it’s hard to fake.  Plus, if you were confident, you might think you were (gasp) perfect! If you thought you were perfect, you wouldn’t need to buy a self-help book to teach you how to lose weight.  You wouldn’t need to buy cosmetics or shoes or lingerie or any of those other things society wants you to believe you need and, if you don’t need them, you won’t buy them.

sex-sellsYou see, capitalism is all about creating a need and then pretending to fill that need.  Yes, you read that right.  That’s how companies make money.  That’s how commercials work.  That’s why so often you’ll see sex implied in so many commercials and that’s also why sex sells.  Sex is one of the basic needs of humanity.  If product A will make me more attractive, then I will get more sex, therefore, I must have product A.

b01e73769018fb066f1df6612224c539You want to know how to really attract a man, ladies?  Let him see you without your make-up on once in a while.  Know a thing or two about fixing things?  Don’t be afraid to show him.  He’ll be floored.  Don’t know anything about fixing things?  Don’t be afraid to let him know that, either.  He’ll be glad you were willing to be honest with him.  Guys like honesty.  Sure, on the first date, there’s nothing that says you shouldn’t dress to impress, just so long as we understand what that means.  It means dressing up in a way that makes you seem classy and confident.  Remember, guys like that.  Confident is sexy.  Seriously, you can be sexy wearing a modest blouse and slacks.  You’re not going to impress him if you put your make-up on with a trowel and you probably shouldn’t wear something that shows off half of your body, either.  Seriously, if a man showed up to a first date wearing nothing but a Speedo ™ and a smile, wouldn’t you get the wrong impression, too?  You would. Admit it.

offending_deodorant2-e13893829729241Now, I realize that much of what I’ve written here isn’t really that big a secret if someone like me could figure it out.  Still, if you listen to most of the people in the world today, the problem with society is mysogyny.  The trouble with that view is that mysogyny sells. So does mysandry.  In today’s society, if it sells, it will be pushed so that you will buy.

Now that your eyes are open, you can fight against this.  Don’t be fooled by society and its attempts to make you believe you’re less.  Remember, confidence is sexy.

Question Time: What do you think about what I’ve said?  Am I close?  Am I way off? Let me know!

By the way, I realize this post is over 500 words, which makes it really long.  So, if you made it through this and aren’t bored, you have my congratulations.