Blog ButtonFor those of you still waiting for the next post following yet another unplanned hiatus, I salute you.  I want to let you all know that I’m scheduling my blog posts on my calendar so that I remember to write.  That way, there will still be loads of content for you to read as often as you want and you won’t feel like I’ve lost interest in giving you my blog love.

Anyway, on to the award presentation for this week.

This week’s award recipient is phoenix_rising.  The author, Phoenix, writes on a fairly regular basis about the challenges of dealing with anxiety and other issues relating to surviving childhood trauma.  Phoenix calls herself “a simple girl,” but, reading her blog, I found her to be all different kinds of amazing.

As of this writing, her latest post talks about learning that she isn’t alone.  I resonate with this post so much, because, due to situations in my own past, I’ve felt very alone, too.  However, every time I feel this way, I feel like my Heavenly Father almost goes out of his way to show me the lie of that particular feeling by putting people in my way that care and want the best for me.

Another of Phoenix’s great posts is titled “Can I Be Real With You?”  Like Phoenix, I’m not fond of the word “suffer” when it comes to the after effects of my childhood trauma.  I’m also not fond of words like “victim” or “survivor”  Instead of “suffer,” I like to say “deal with” and instead of “victim” or “survivor,” I like to say “fighter” or “warrior.”  Phoenix also shares three truths she has learned from her experiences with anxiety.  I don’t want to spoil it for you by telling you what they are.  Suffice it to say that I agree with what she wrote because I’ve learned the same things myself.

So, Phoenix, I hope you enjoy your new award as much as I plan to enjoy adding your blog to my hoard.  Thank you for writing such a heart-felt, touching blog and may the dear Lord continue to smile down on you as you progress in your journey.