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Blog ButtonThis week’s award goes to a blog that, honestly, I don’t really expect to display the award it’s winning.  It’s Vicki Davis’ Cool Cat Teacher Blog.   If you’re a teacher, and I know that many of you are, you’re always on the look out for new and clever ways to gain your students’ attentions, both collectively and individually.

As a mother, I’m also a teacher in my own little individual way, however, I’m also a Minecrafter and when I found that on this blog, one of the awesome articles featured was about how Minecraft could be used in the classroom, I was more than intrigued.  I was excited!  I had to see more!minecraft__140227211000This weeks’ article about figuring out if, as a teacher, you’re burning out is really interesting.  It turns out it’s just a matter of finding balance, like just about anything in life. One of the points Vicki makes in this article is that tests are there to tell the teacher who knows the material and who doesn’t, not to scare the students into studying.  Quoting her article, “ONE THING I wish I could stop would be teachers who REFUSE TO DROP ANY GRADES EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.” She provides an example of a child who failed a test because he was absent the week they covered the material due to an illness and the teacher refused to drop the test grade because “I never drop grades. It teaches responsibility. Plus, I’m a tough teacher. They need to know I mean business.”  1380999265447

We’ve been through a similar situation with our daughter, who managed to get placed in the local program for gifted students but, when she hit fifth grade, really began to struggle.  We had a conference with the teacher, believing she would be understanding.  To our utter surprise, she said that if our daughter couldn’t hack it in her class she probably wouldn’t be able to hack it in middle school, either (not in those exact words, but that was the message we got and it left my daughter feeling like she was an out and out failure.)  As a result, we were forced to call another, larger, conference, involving the entire school, to set up a 504 plan for my daughter.  Needless to say, she’s doing a lot better in middle school than this teacher predicted she ever would.blogteendeepressionSo, Vicki, though I suspect you probably won’t display it, I hope you enjoy seeing your name, and the name of your blog in my hoard list.  If, however, I’m proven wrong and you do decide to display your new award, I’ll be honored beyond belief.  You’re awesome!standing-ovation-0907-lg1