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Blog ButtonThis is Christmas week, and I couldn’t let the week go without giving the award to someone who had an interesting Christmas post.  Dan Antion’s No Facilities blog, apart from being a very well written blog, has this down pat.  Dan’s post for Christmas was one about doors.

“Wait!  Doors?” I hear you say.  “How does that have anything to do with Christmas?”

The answer to your question is this:  EVERYTHING!  A door is where we usually hang our Christmas wreath.  If the Pratt Family had a wreath to put up, I’d show you a picture of our door.  But, we don’t have a wreath, so, I guess you’ll have to do without.  Instead, please click through this link and see the post for yourself.

As for you, Dan, please feel as free to display your new award on your blog as I feel to add your blog to my expanding hoard.  Thanks for all you do.