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Blog Button I apologize, dear readers.  I’ve been erratic in my writing because, among other things, Christmas break is upon us.  The other things involve being stuck on the depression roller-coaster (feeble cheering).  Anyway, if you’re not of any sort of philosophical bent, you’re not likely to agree with me on this one.  This week’s Dragon’s Treasure Award Winner is the tao of jaklumen.

Now, I can see you gearing up to scream “NEPOTISM!” at me again.  Hear me out, for heaven’s sake.  You know I don’t just hand this sucker out on a whim by now, don’t you?

This is the reason I picked my husband’s blog this week.  Seriously, stay at home dads (SAHD) don’t get nearly enough credit these days, with either men or women.  jak tells me he sees advertising for SAHM everywhere: billboards, magazines, online advertisements.  It’s almost like nobody cares that some dads don’t have jobs to support the family, but are supporting it at home, taking care of the household and the raising of the children.  What’s more, in our increasingly feminized world, more and more dads are being forced to become SAHD.

That’s not the only reason, of course.  jak really enjoys discussing the philosophy of taoism (pronounced dow-izm) and also the Hero’s Journey, created by Joseph Campbell.  He’s shown any number of ways wherein these two things relate in his own life as well as in movies and television shows.   The trouble is that people don’t seem to know what to say about things he writes, so it’s like nobody knows he exists.

I guess, by adding jak’s blog to my hoard, I’m trying to show solidarity and support.  Power to the Dads!  So display your award with pride, jak.  At least one woman on this planet thinks you’re worthwhile as a SAHD.  As for you, dear reader, please stop by the tao of jaklumen and leave jak some comment love, please?