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Blog ButtonGreetings, Dragon lovers!  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would choose a blog that dealt with gratitude as my award winner this week.   After doing a little shameless self-promotion, I realized I really didn’t have far to look for my award winner this Thanksgiving season.  This week, I give you Considerings, capably written by Lizzi the Considerer.  Every week, she writes a post titled “Ten Things of Thankful.”  She even has a group on Facebook dedicated to writing ten thankful things once a week.  This week’s posting at Considerings is about ten of her favorite labels.  I’m not a big fan of labels, personally, but this isn’t about people dropping you in a box marked “stupid” or “ADHD” or “addict” or something like that.  This has more to do with the goodness she feels comes from her labels.  Her favorite label of the ten is “Friend.”  (That’s my favorite one, too)

So, Lizzi, I hope you enjoy your new award as much as I intend to enjoy adding your site to my hoard.  I hope you will display it as proudly as you display the name of “friend.”