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Blog ButtonThis week’s winner of the Dragon’s Treasure weekly blog award is Transforming Hollie.  Hollie lives in Florida, which is across the US from me, and she is making incredible progress.  I’m interested in her blog mainly because I just started a weight-loss blog of my own: FitCimmorene. I was floored by the complete honesty Hollie shows in her blog, particularly since I will be keeping mine more or less under wraps until I reach my own goal weight.

At 39 years old, Hollie has already made tremendous progress, even though the site has been up for a little over a month or so.  Looking at her strategies and progress, it gives me hope to see her courage and determination online.

Yes, Hollie, I know it’s been a month since your last blog post, but, trust me, you have earned this award.  I’m pleased to add your blog to my hoard and I hope displaying your new award helps you keep moving forward the way reading your blog has helped me.