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NSW-logo_thumb.jpgGreetings, Princes, Princesses and Dragons all! Welcome once again to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News today, this reporter learned that Medicare is now poised to make it more difficult for wheelchair users to obtain things like custom wheelchair accessories and seating systems.  According to the article read by this reporter, many wheelchair users look at custom cushions as more of a necessity than a luxury.  Cheaper cushions can cause pressure sores.  This is only one of the things that users of wheelchairs can expect to become more expensive, though, if Medicare gets its way.  Quoting the article, “The result of the change, opponents say, is that next year reimbursement rates will go down and out-of-pocket costs will rise for items such as cushions, power recline and tilt systems and specialty drive controls.”  This effects us mainly because jaklumen is looking at bariatric surgery and, later, more back surgery, which may result in his needing a wheelchair for extended periods of time.  If you’re interested in helping out, there is a petition in the works. According to the article, 72,800 signatures are still needed to trigger a White House review, so be sure to make your voice heard.

In Sports, yesterday, the Seattle Mariners hired catcher Scott Servais as their new manager.  Servais, 48, was hired to replace former manager Lloyd McClendon, fired earlier this month after Seattle finished 10 games under .500 this year and in fourth place in the American League West.  Washingtonians, however, are understandably nervous, since Servais has never managed before, although he has served as assistant general manager for the Los Angeles Angels for the past five seasons.  The hiring makes Servais the Mariners tenth manager since their last playoff appearance in 2001.  Good luck, Mr. Servais!

In Weather, the skies have been mostly grey lately.  The weather service covering the Dragon’s Lair tells this reporter that the current temperature is 54 degrees, though it feels like 52. With 57% humidity and a barometric pressure level of 30.06 inches, you know that jaklumen’s current pain level has been spiking pretty high.  “Last week, when things started getting cold, [my pain level] was nines and tens,”  jaklumen reports, “Right now, though, it’s between 4 and 7.” For the sake of interest, the pain chart starts at zero, no pain, and goes all the way up to 10, the worst pain the sufferer has ever felt.  That should give you some idea how the local weather has been effecting the Dragon’s Lair, this week.That’s all the news from the Dragon’s Lair. Be sure to return next week when we’ll give you yet another dose of reality. I’m Cimmorene and I’ll see you then.

This week’s post has been brought to you by Dragon’s Treasure Award Winner and Upvoted contributor, Michelle Woo, whose post detailing what suicide survivors are thinking earned her this week’s award and a position on Freshly Pressed.  Congratulations, Michelle!