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Blog ButtonUsually, this award is presented to an entire blog.  That’s how I like to do things.  However, as I was searching for a blog to present my award to and add to my hoard, I found this one blog titled Upvoted.

Upvoted is the Reddit online magazine, at least that’s the gist I get from the main page.  Anyway, I sort of felt uncomfortable with giving the award to the entire site, even considering how much respect I have for Reddit.  Hey!  I may not be a member (yet) but I am a geek, just like everyone else there.  I’ll admit it freely.

However, I found this one entry on Freshly Pressed that touched me deeply.  It was published three weeks ago by contributor Michelle Woo.  Its title?

How Three Survivors of Suicide Spent Their Last Days On Earth

How’s that for an attention grabber, huh?  It practically grabbed me by the throat and dragged me to the site.  In fact, that’s how I discovered Reddit had an online magazine.

This blog entry had some truly awesome, eye-catching pictures attached to it that were drawn by the magazine’s editorial graphic designer, Li-Anne Dias.

64d2f-crying_ladySo, why did I choose this blog entry over the hundreds of other blogs that exist online this week?  Because, I’m a survivor, too.  Though I never actually went through with my hastily put together plan, I came very close to taking my own life.  So close, I could feel that wonderful feeling of relief at the thought that the horrific emotional pain I was experiencing would soon be over and I would no longer be a burden to those I cared most deeply about.

Suicide is a topic that, in my opinion, doesn’t get discussed enough.  Why?  Because we are so scared that, if we do talk about it, it will “inspire” other people to consider suicide.  Studies have shown that this is not the case, but we’re still afraid to talk about it, which is something that those of us who have seriously considered suicide need to do.

So, Michelle (and, to a lesser extent, Reddit), I present you with this token of my personal esteem as I add your blog entry to my hoard.  Please accept it and post it where ever you wish.

Also, I know I haven’t published my own story about surviving suicide.  So, if you want to read that, please let me know.