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Blog ButtonThis week’s Dragon’s Treasure Blog Award goes to Athena Moberg, CPC.  Athena is a tireless advocate for childhood trauma survivors everywhere.  She and fellow advocate Bobbi Parrish run 3 Twitter chats every week in which fellow survivors can gather and feel that they are believed and accepted.  The two of them have taken it on themselves to educate other survivors of some of the side effects of childhood trauma and how they effect humanity.  Thanks to her and her partner, hundreds of us now no longer feel that there is something wrong with us and, what’s more, are learning how to handle it responsibly.  Most of her blog is the re-blogging of other blog posts regarding subjects that she and Bobbi have been advocating and educating about.

Here are five of the ones that I found most enlightening.

So, Athena, congratulations and I hope you display your new award with pride!