Blog Button“Dean’z Doodlez was set up in September 2012 to chronicle my two year adventure through the diploma course in illustration that I was taking. Now that its over, Dean’z Doodlez is still doing what it set out to do: to chronicle, but this time my life through art and illustration and everything else arts and crafts!”

That’s the first paragraph of the “About” page at Dean’z Doodlez.  I leafed through a few of the “doodles.”  Many of them are funny and most of them are really good.  Seriously!  There’s an adventure comic, that I found both hilarious and interesting.  There’s alphabet art (the next one is F and I can hardly wait to see it)  He even has some Minecraft art.  Rather than try to tell you everything about this artist, I’ll just leave you with a few of the things I found on his page.  And, Congratulations, Dean!  I hope you enjoy your button.