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NSW-logo.jpgGreetings, Princes, Princesses and Dragons all! Welcome once again to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...In the News this week, we learned that Donald Trump had entered the election as a Republican candidate.  Needless to say, the general reaction from voting members of the Dragon’s Lair household has been, “I’m not voting for him.”  jaklumen likes Bernie Sanders, claiming, “May I burn in socialist hell.”  The father of this reporter prefers neurosurgeon Ben Carson.  This reporter has yet to select a preferred candidate believing that the two current front runners, Donald Trump (R) and Hilary Clinton (D) are both worse than voting for no one at all.

In other News, this week the family also gained help from Imagine Behavioral, a company that specializes in ABA therapy.  Boy is reeling from the change so this reporter is grateful that it didn’t happen during the upcoming school year, which is likely to cause a fair bit of upheaval as well.  Boy’s therapists are Miss M and Miss R. Miss M hails from California but has a native Indian background.  Miss R, on the other hand, is probably about twenty or so years old and gives this reporter the impression of looking at some form of elf.

Neru and Favorite Christmas GiftPrincess, having reached the teen years, has chosen an online nick for herself.  She will hereafter be referred to on this blog as “Neru”. “I’m not exactly the girly type of girl anymore,” she informs this reporter, “I mean, I do have a lot of online names, but ‘Princess’ doesn’t exactly fit anymore.”

In Sports, jaklumen and this reporter have begun to get back into the swing of gym membership.  jak’s parents have graciously purchased a membership for Neru, who has occasionally accompanied one or the other of these two.  However, both this reporter and jak are looking forward to the beginning of the school year next month so that they can take advantage of the extra free time that this affords them by going to the gym together.

In Weather, though temperatures have been relatively mild, the amounts of wind this household have been seeing have actually sent jaklumen’s pain levels through the roof.  Jak’s doctor believes that his previous fusion may not have healed properly and has performed a series of CT scans to confirm this.  In the meantime, the family is enjoying the change in the weather, particularly Boy, who can frequently be found digging away in the backyard and always seems to enter the house with dirt on his seat.

That’s all the news from the Dragon’s Lair. Be sure to return next week when we’ll give you yet another dose of reality. I’m Cimmorene and I’ll see you then.

This week’s post has been brought to you by Dragon’s Treasure Award Winner, Jarek Steele, whose insightful open letter to a former customer gained him, not just this week’s award, but the top position on Freshly Pressed.  Congratulations, Jarek.