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Blog ButtonThis morning, I sat down to try and come up with the first winner of the Dragon’s Treasure Weekly Blog Award.  As I browsed the internet, I’ll admit, my eyes landed on the Freshly Pressed button on WordPress.com.  I usually avoid that button because I don’t like to be seen as a person who follows the crowd, but there was one item, the first on the list, actually, that caught my eye.

It was an open letter to a former customer who had decided that his/her favorite bookstore was promoting divisiveness between the races with this window design.  I read the letter this former customer sent and was surprised at their response to a simple window display at the Left Bank Bookstore in St. Louis, Missouri.  The response to the customer’s letter was this post.

I’ll admit, I’m white.  Still and all, my first response on seeing the picture was, “Don’t ALL lives matter?” Then I read through the post and my heart was touched.  I learned that the poster was someone by the name of Jarek Steele and several facts about his life.

Then, I glanced through a few things from the blog itself and it’s all like this: heartfelt and interesting.  So, as a discerning blog writer myself, I felt that Mr. Steele deserved to be the first recipient of this award.  Congratulations, Mr. Steele.  I’m glad you’re on the internet and I hope you’ll display your new award proudly.