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Recently, jak and I have been dealing with CPS as they struggle to help us handle our problems with Boy without having to separate him from our household.

Why did we have CPS in our lives? Because, lately, depression and stress have made it difficult for me to keep the house clean and keep an eye on Boy who requires near-constant supervision.

Now, jak and his dad have been fighting a losing battle with me to try and get me to understand that they are not attempting to attack or criticize me when they said they were concerned because I was having said difficulties. Old feelings left over from when I was molested would take over and I would start yelling and screaming at them to stop putting me down and/or judging me, even though that’s not what they were doing.

Finally, CPS, having had enough, suggested that perhaps we should consider placement. There was a big argument because, once again, I was triggered, but, after all the yelling and the crying were finished, I realized that they were right. I had allowed myself to become quite self-centered in my attempts to cope with the stress in my life. As a wife, mother and homemaker, I have responsibilities that have to come first.

So, I told my friend Kristin Frank about my troubles and, like the friend she is, she just jumped right in and offered to help. We got all the public rooms in the house clean in two days. The same job would have taken me more than a week to complete by myself.

So, what does that have to do with the title?

Well, Boy’s caregiver has been showing him movies and one of them is Disney’s version of the Jungle Book. Which features the following song.

Also, lately, I have been diving wholeheartedly into My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic. One of the episodes of this series features this song.

Well, considering all that she did for me over the past two days, effectively saving my life, in my book, Kristin meets the definitions given in both songs and I really wanted to share the ponderings that left me with all of you.

Question Time: Do you have any friends that you would say fit either description of a true friend? Have you ever heard a song that you felt contained some lasting truth?  Please, tell me!  My inquiring mind wants to know!