Following our first official date, jak and I saw much more of each other, although I was still oblivious, of course, thinking that jak was just being friendly. The result, however, was that our friendship became stronger than ever, at least from my perspective.

Every day, he would meet me at my apartment and walk with me as far as my first class. We often saw each other between classes and at the computer lab. As before, we also went to all the dances together and I usually went with him. As before, we talked all the way there.

We talked a lot of the time during the dance and we talked all the way home. We talked quite often during every spare moment we had and I blithely continued to think of him as a very good friend.

I’m not sure what happened during that time, but something prompted me to ask myself if I loved jak. I don’t know if it was any conversation with jak himself or with someone else.

All I know is that, one sunny afternoon after classes, I found myself walking along a street alone praying to my Heavenly Father to know if I was in love with jak. I don’t know how many of you believe in the power of prayer, but the answer came back to me clear and strong.

Yes! I did love jak.

I was so pleased, that jak received his first kiss on the lips from me shortly afterward and our relationship changed.

Shortly thereafter, jak brought me to visit his grandmother. She was the first member of his family I had ever gotten to meet in person. I liked her immediately and, apparently, she liked me, because she called me “our girl” and told jak, “Don’t you lose her.” That tickled me enormously.

Meanwhile, our discussions deepened as we began to delve into the subject of marriage. We discussed what our ideal wedding reception would be like and what sorts of things we wanted to pass on to our hypothetical children. During these discussions, I learned that jak’s birthday was in August. So I decided I wanted to do something special for him.

Have you ever been in love? How did you know for sure? Am I the only one who prayed for the knowledge? My inquiring mind wants to know.