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Sept Prog Pic

Okay! I was at the nutrionist with jak and she checked his weight (361, down from last time). After she was done, I asked if I could check my weight, because it had been a while since I had been weighed (304.6 last time, 30.6 pounds lost) and I wanted to find out if I had lost any weight.

The nutritionist reset the scale and I stepped on and did my best to stand still. Finally, she said I could move and I looked at the weight.

“NO WAY!” I shrieked.

The number was 300.9! You can’t imagine how excited I was! I immediately plugged the number into the weight-loss app on my tablet and, when I got home, it told me I had lost 34 pounds in total! So, I’m teetering on the precipice of 300 pounds again, but on the losing side rather than the gaining one. When I was on the gaining side of 300 pounds, I dreaded stepping over that 300 pound line. Now, I’m back there again and I’m just about jumping for joy. If you look at the pictures here, you can see a small change. It’s very slight, since the after picture is better than the before one, but it’s there, sort of.

Anyway, I’m so thrilled, I feel like dancing!