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Greetings, Princes, Princesses and Dragons all! Welcome once again to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News this week, The Dragon’s Lair received a visit from officer friendly. As we had been taking our children to the local summer lunch program, the workers there noticed that Boy had been absent for the past three days straight. The first day, we had been too late to participate. The second, Boy had been naughty, so your host had taken Princess by herself. The third, we were occupied with moving the refrigerator, cleaning at least three years worth of dirt out from under it, repairing an electrical outlet that was causing it to shut down and then shoving the refrigerator back into place again. NeedlBoy eating lunch at the Activities Center.  Mm! Quesadillas!ess to say, Boy has been placed on the “At-Risk-Kids'” list because of his autistic wandering behavior and, so, when he didn’t turn up the third day, the police were sent to make sure he was all right. Needless to say, we were very surprised to receive their visit. jak was in the middle of taking a shower and your host was attempting to clean up the mess left in the kitchen by the previously mentioned refrigerator operation.

Close up flowerIn other News, Princess is receiving photography lessons from a professional photographer. Yesterday saw the beginning of said lessons, in which the teacher, Ms. Charlene Hardy, showed Princess some of the macros on our camera and how to use them to great effect. One of the more interesting shots, as selected by Princess, is featured in this post, but you can view the rest simply by clicking the provided link: Princess’ Photos .

In Sports this week, Boy has rediscovered the childhood sport of climbing items his parents would prefer he didn’t climb, specifically, the fence separating us from our neighbors to the east, a practice that could conceivably get him killed or at least severely injured. Needless to say, as parents, yours truly and jak have spanked Boy several times for this activity to little effect. All yours truly can think to do next is to firmly screw all loose boards into the fence and remove any and all items from the yard which could conceivably be used to mount the fence at any future time. Which, unfortunately for the sport but fortunately for Boy, should put paid to the sport entirely, at least in this household.

Shark Boy

Princess working on her comic

In Weather this week, we have experienced a great deal of sun, and yours truly finally received her first summer sunburn. Lately, following lunch, we have taken to visiting a location across the street from the lunch program called the water meditation by the mushroom fountain“Mushroom Pool.” This is a wading pool about a foot deep with stairs in three places and a large, yellow, mushroom-shaped structure in the middle that pours water from the center of the pool in a kind of curtain. Princess, at 12 years of age, prefers to sit in the shade of a large tree and draw, but jak, Boy and yours truly go into the enclosure and your host sits on the edge of the pool with her feet in the water solving a puzzle magazine near our stuff while Boy plays and jak wades about getting his exercise or meditates. The first time we did this, your host insisted on spraying everyone with sunscreen. However, on the day in question, yours truly neglected it and paid nature’s price. Thankfully, Princess was kind enough that day to massage some aloe vera gel into the burns that resulted. Yours truly was extremely grateful.

That’s all the news from the Dragon’s Lair. Be sure to return next week when we’ll give you yet another dose of reality. I’m Cimmorene and I’ll see you then.

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