Greetings, Princes, Princesses and Dragons all. Welcome to another edition of News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In today’s News, this summer has seen a great flurry of canning and preserving here at the Dragon’s Lair. This reporter’s mother (hereinafter referred to as mamakitty) gifted a top notch Excalibur food dehydrator to the Dragon’s Lair as a Christmas present last year. Until recently, it had yet to be even taken from the box. However, last week, we set it up, plugged it in, and have since dried a batch of cherries and two batches of apricots. This reporter is pleased to note that the first batch of apricots disappeared quickly. Recently, the Dragon’s Lair also acquired a large load of fresh oregano and a bucket of sweet plums. After 14642692261 d0807d299a msome deliberation, it was decided to divide the oregano into bunches and hang them from the eaves of the house to dry. They have since been taken down and stripped and are awaiting distribution to friends who want some. As for the plums, jaklumen has taken on the task of sorting and canning them. He has not, as yet, finished this task, but this reporter is confident that the undertaking will be capably completed.

In other news, yours truly has once again taken on medication for a mood disorder. This reporter’s psychiatrist (hereinafter referred to as Dr. KV) has prescribed a combination of Lexapro ( a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor or SSRI) and Adderall (a medication similar to Dexatrim, but used to treat adult ADD) along with extra folic acid and iron. Thus far, yours truly has experienced what she considers to be a good reaction to this combination, however, she is also experiencing a number of side-effects that have her concerned, such as a jittery feeling (which goes away with intense movement) and slight muscle shakes which are making typing difficult. While withholding an opinion about the efficacy of this medication combination, this reporter is hopeful that this will be the last combination she will have to suffer through.

14654447861 0a0fd888e7 mIn Sports, this week, Boy, in a fit of boredom, took his father’s hand saw and cut a hole in the fence this reporter built to keep him in the back yard. He was immediately chastised, forced to buy a board to replace the one he had damaged and then grounded for a week. This reporter is not at all certain if this means the parents or the kid won this one, because this means Boy requires a greater level of adult supervision, particularly when he is outdoors.

14493563773 83707cbf52 mIn Weather, this week, jaklumen reports that although his pain levels have been very much like a violent rollercoaster, the sunshine and occasional rain have done wonders for his garden. Opting for the container garden idea this year, jak purchased a number of inexpensive vegetable plants at the local Rite Aid. The summer heat is making the tomatoes grow and ripen very quickly. jak, in his care for the garden, has developed a drip sprinkler system to ensure that the plants get the optimum amount of water for their needs. The result, of course, is that his garden has shown vast improvement this summer, as attested to by his own father.

That’s all from this corner of the world. Be back here next Saturday when I will be here to give you yet another dose of reality. I’m Cimmorene. I’ll see you then.

This blog post has been brought to you today by Considerings, a blog written and produced by the thoughtful and friendly, Lizzi the Considerer. Her latest posting is the fifty-seventh edition of her weekly offering, Ten Things of Thankful. I’m not the only one who has been inspired by this geniune showing of gratitude. Perhaps, if you take a peek or ten, you’ll be inspired, too.