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Greetings, princes and princesses, and welcome, once again, to News, Sports, and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene. Excuse me while I go and get the paper.

In the News, this week, the story that caught your reporter’s eye first was about how gas prices are remaining high this summer. According to a McClatchy Newspapers reporter, “Prices tend to spike around Memorial Day, when increased demand cuts against a limited supply as refiners convert from winter fuels to summer blends. But, by the middle of june, gasoline inventories are up and prices typically retreat. This year, they haven’t. The reason why refutes the commonly held view that deteriorating political conditions in Iraq haven’t had much effect on gasoline prices. They have.” A spokesman for AAA has been quoted as saying that United States citizens are paying more for gasoline at the pump because of higher oil prices, which has allowed gasoline price bidders to bid the price up higher. According to McClatchy, assuming gas prices actually dropped back to last year’s June price and add the recent jump, prices are now 15 cents higher than they should be. In a fifteen gallon tank, that’s at least $2 more each time you fill up. Muliply that by at least 212 million motorists in the United States and that’s a lot of money. “Speculative trading on the violence in Iraq is keeping oil prices about $4 a barrel higher than they would be otherwise, said Andrew Lipow, president of the Houston consultancy Lipow Oil Associates.” What this means is that, since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) seized the Iraqi city of Mosul on June 10th and Fallujah soon afterward, financial traders are worried that the collapse of Iraq could lead to conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which would threaten oil supplies. This effects the Dragon’s Lair because we live on the outskirts of the town in which we live. So, getting anywhere without a car is difficult at best. Time to break out the bicycles, I guess.

In Sports, last week, we reported to you that World Cup Soccer (or Football) was a big deal. Well, it seems that the United States won their World Cup Match against Germany, with a score of 1 to nothing. What a game that must have been. An accompanying Associated Press article in today’s paper reported that enthusiasm for the game in the US is due, mainly, to the fact that most of the people who play soccer (football) 26 or more times a year are children and youth between the ages of 6 and 17. These kids, rather than leaving the game after high school, are graduating to become some of the most vocal fans in the history of the game. The article reports, “Of the 3.1 million tweets about the US vs Ghana game earlier this month, 53% of them came from people 18-34, according to Nielsen Social. And 69% of people check in on their Facebook accounts from host cities in Brazil were in that age group.” So, that explains why this reporter has been seeing lots of coverage of the games at Fiesta Foods. Incidentally, today’s games are Brazil vs Chile at 8:30 AM and Colombia vs Uruguay at 12:30 PM.

In Weather, this week, the paper reports today’s weather forecast as being partially cloudy with winds from the southwest at 10 to 15 mph, gusting as high as 25 mph tonight. Today’s high is supposed to be 79 degrees. However, yesterday afternoon, we were treated to yet another summer storm. Though we were grateful for it, because a hole in a local irrigation ditch disabled our irrigation pump, the weather change rendered jak unusually grouchy due to the level of pain he was in and the number of chores he forced himself to do. This reporter must admit, the stress of dealing with jak’s near-constant to constant pain is really starting to effect the entire household. The result, of course, is that the family will probably be spending this morning endeavoring to clean up the house rather than out at some park enjoying the forecast nice weather.

That’s all from this corner of the world. Be back here next week, when I’ll come online again to give you yet another dose of reality. For the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene. See you then.

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