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Greetings, Princes and Princesses, and welcome to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News, this week, the family at the Dragon’s Lair have been trying to get into a new routine following the end of classes during summer break. Princess, in particular, is missing her close friends, J and M, both of whom have gone elsewhere on vacation with their families. Boy, meanwhile, has been demonstrating, during the day, the efficacy of his medications. However, the family is also seeing just how frustrating any changes to his routine are to him. For example, just yesterday, when the family had to be out of the house to run errands and Boy’s usual caregiver had to be cancelled, he threw a fit and refused to go to bed until after ten. His mother, meaning yours truly, dealt with the situation accordingly and Boy was forced to go to bed without his usual songs and stories, which also made him unhappy. jak, meanwhile, has been trying to get into the swing of keeping up with the summer yard work, since cessation of school also means that the city’s irrigation supply is now available. As for yours truly, being outnumbered by nearly four to one (Boy being most emphatically more than one), I am now looking for a regular means of escape that does not include being in the house and also looking for a way that I can attend the temple regularly now that the kids are home all the time.

In Sports, baseball and soccer (or football if you’re British) are the two that are the biggest at the moment. Naturally, the World Cup has been big news lately. Today at 9 AM, Argentina goes up against Iran. At noon, Germany takes on Ghana. Then, finally, at 3 PM, Nigeria faces off against Bosnia and Herzegovina. How do I know about all this? One of my favorite grocery stores (Fiesta Foods, if want to know) has almost constant news coverage regarding it on the store’s television sets, since the tournament is being held in Brazil. Meanwhile, in Kansas City, Missouri, yesterday, in a stadium packed with fans all begging for them to lose, the Mariners took on the Royals and, in the ninth inning of a tied game, silenced them. The ball player responsible for this glorious silence (I’m from Washington, so pardon me while I gloat) was Brad Miller. Tri-City Herald reporter Dave Skretta writes “The Seattle shortstop pounded a pitch from the Royals’ Greg Holland just inside the right-field foul pole, his homer breaking a 5-all tie and helping the Mariners to a 7-5 victory Friday night.” Miller is quoted as saying the game was one of the best ones he’d ever been a part of. It does, indeed, seem that way to me.

In Weather, we’ve been seeing relatively clear skies all week, with the occasional summer storm as usual. This, however, means that jak has been in the usual pain. We are not looking forward to a surgery which jak’s doctor insists may provide jak with relief without having to insert an electronic device. Honestly, with all the stress this decision has caused, this reporter would almost think that simply inserting the electronic device would, in all likelihood have made things easier for all concerned. However, if it works and jak’s pain is reduced without having to pay thousands of dollars, one cannot help but wonder if yours truly is simply reacting out of her stress (which is understandable).

That’s all from this corner of the world. Be back here next Saturday when you’ll get yet another dose of reality. For the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene. I’ll see you, then.

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