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NSW-logo_thumb.jpgGreetings, Princes and Princesses, and welcome, once again, to News, Sports, and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News, today, The Dragon’s Lair has obtained a used computer system from its local library.  The library, on upgrading its computers, held a garage sale in which many of the used computers and other furniture was on sale for bargain prices.  We were able to obtain a complete computer system (tower, monitor, cords, keyboard and mouse) for $20 and a desk chair for $5.  Of course, the computer had been completely wiped clean, but it included software for the business version of Windows Vista and we were able to download most of everything else from there.  The children have each contributed $10 for the computer and Boy chipped in the $5 for the chair.  However, as they are still young, they will still be expected to ask before they use it, and, in the case of Boy, to be well behaved prior to their use of it.  The point of this, of course, is to teach them respect and responsibility and also to allow yours truly a chance to blog again without having to wait for jak to be asleep.  Score!

In Sports, the Kamiakin Braves, jak’s high school alma mater, figure large, today.  In Track and Field, Kamiakin’s Elisa Grandemange worked hard to defend her state title and, from this reporter’s perspective, succeeded admirably.  According to the Tri-City Herald, a local newspaper, Grandemange came in first in the Washington State Class 3A Discus Competition.  Kennewick’s Samantha Lester placed second and Kamiakin’s Sira Toure seventh.  The meet took place at Mt. Tahoma High in Tacoma.  Said Grandemange of the meet, “I have fun throwing against them.  It is nice to see familiar faces.”  In Softball, the Braves are also doing very well.  Angling to win their third consecutive Class 3A state softball championship, the team has been working extra hard to prepare themselves.  Obviously, their practice is paying off because, according to the Tri-City Herald, they blew easily through the first two games of their championship bracket, collecting 21 runs on 30 hits and a spot in today’s semifinals at Lacey Region Athletic Complex.  Go get ’em ladies!

In Weather, things have been very clear and warm, but, at the same time, very windy.  Needless to say, in the pain department, things have been exceedingly difficult.  However, recently, following a routine CT scan, jak’s doctor has informed us of his belief that one of the screws placed in jak’s back when he had his vertebral fusion may be pinching the nerve that goes down his left leg.  This would account for much of the pain jak has been experiencing over the last few years.  The doctor has decided he would like to remove said screw and see if jak’s pain situation improves following its removal before he implants the neural stimulation device he and jak have been investigating.  We will inform you when we know more.

That’s all for now!  From the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene.  Be back next week when I’ll return to give you yet another dose of reality.

This post has been brought to you by To Breathe is To Write, capably written and produced by the talented and friendly Jackie Phillips.  Her latest post showcases her attempt to answer a photo challenge.  The challenge was to tell a story using a single photograph.  Check it out and see how well she did.

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