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NSW-logo_thumb.jpgGreetings, Princes and Princesses, and welcome, once again, to News, Sports, and Weather.  I’m your host Cimmorene.

In the News, Walla Walla’s 40th Annual Balloon Stampede might be grounded today by the impending weather.  The hot air balloon launch began yesterday and continues through Sunday at Garrison Middle School in Walla Walla.  The balloons landed yesterday, but a cold front passing the area, and bringing colder weather, plus wind and rain, may keep the balloons close to the ground.  If things remain clear, the balloons are expected to launch at 6 AM each morning.  Otherwise, they will have to remain tethered until the weather clears up.

sprinkler assemblyIn local news, jak has developed a sprinkler system for watering the back yard.  It consists of four 5′ lengths of PVC pipe and five sprinkler heads.  He has informed this reporter that the sole piece required for completion of the contraption is a single 3/4″ female threaded coupling so that he can attach a pressure regulator.

In Sports, the latest news involves the Tri-City Americans’ hockey team refusing to renew the contract of head coach Jim Hiller for the 2014-15 Western Hockey League (WHL) season. Mr. Hiller has been the team’s longest tenured coach, thus far.  However, following a “lackluster” year in which the team finished last in the US division, the team has decided a change is needed.  “Jim is a good man and a good hockey coach,” said Tri-City general manager Bob Tory to a Tri-City Herald reporter. “He came in and a did a good job following Don Nachbaur. But every coach has a shelf life. I felt our team needed a fresh face and a fresh voice. The situation was given a lot of thought. I looked to others for input, and in the end, we came to a consensus as to what was best for the team.”

In Weather, as usual, things are unpredictable at best.  As stated above, a cold front is headed in our direction, bringing colder temperatures, stronger winds and higher humidity levels.  Certain members of the family have been experiencing these changes in the usual ways.  Large amounts of pain and allergy attacks have been experienced, none of which has made getting things done around the house any easier.

That’s all for now!  From the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene.  Be back next week when, hopefully, I’ll be able to get back online and give you yet another dose of reality.

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