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Greetings, Princes and Princesses and welcome, once again, to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News this week, the laptop of your host refuses to respond beyond powering up and offering up the welcome screen, so this post is being written on the main computer while jaklumen, the main user of said computer is sleeping.  jak is not necessarily looking forward to being threaded up today for the trial period of his new stim device, wherein a device much like a pacemaker will be implanted in his spine to determine if such a device will aid him in pain relief.  During the trial, his movements will be severely limited, to prevent the leads being removed by accident. Following the trial, if it’s successful, the leads will be anchored to the bones of his spinal column and he’ll be free to move as he wishes.  If it’s unsuccessful, his pain doctor has declared they will need to search other avenues.  jak, needless to say, is pessimistic that other avenues will be available. This week has also been a harrowing one for Boy, as the family made the decision to change his caregiver.  So, as we say goodbye to R, we express hope that the new caregiver will be a better fit for Boy.  Things have been frustrating for Princess this week as well.  jak discovered that her grades in two subjects have dropped to submarine levels (below C).  We are attempting to work with her to get those grades up.  Needless to say, it’s an uphill battle.

This isn’t Boy, but he was just as muddy.

In Sports, this week, the golf and baseball seasons got underway.  Although yours truly is a staunch baseball fan with no true team of her own as of yet, the sport that seems to have the Dragon’s Lair locked in suspense this week is mudding.  No, unfortunately, I don’t mean the awesome sport of rushing through an obstacle course in the mud or hacking my way through a virtual wilderness on the computer. The type of mudding I’m talking about is the sport of trying to prevent Boy from running the house water faucet, attached to the outside of the house, to expand the mud puddle he’s created there and costing us upwards from $5 extra per month on our water bill.  As of this writing, Boy’s sneakers have had to remain outside the entire weekend to dry because said sport left them entirely soaked.

I was going to put in grumpy cat, but jak said “bah humpug.”

In Weather, this reporter wishes she could tell you that she is pleased to report that things have been bright and sunny all week. This is the truth, but they haven’t effected the pain front in our house at all, since jak’s pain doctor took him off his NSAIDS a few days before his procedure, discussed previously, was to take place.  I’d like to say more, but, truth be told, I’m just disgusted with the entire thing.  Neither of us has been able to sleep very well.

That’s all for now!  From the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene.  Be back next week on Saturday when, hopefully, I’ll be able to get online and give you another dose of reality.  See you then.

This post was brought to you today by No Facilities, a blog capably written and produced by the down to earth Dan Antion.  His latest post is the story of some of the strange people he’s met and his feelings regarding said people.  Needless to say, I found it very engaging. As always, I invite you to visit him and decide for yourself.


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