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As promised readers, here is a blast from the past.  Initially, this was posted on Vox on the 7th of April 2007.  It was set to be seen by family and friends only, so this is the first time this post has ever been seen by the general public.  In this post, Boy (jak jr) is only two months old and Princess is approaching 6.  Let’s take a look.

Jak Jr (my son) is, so far, getting easier to handle, as I learn more about his likes and dislikes. He’s certainly taken to the crib faster than Princess did. Basically, so long as he’s warm and sleepy, he’ll go there. If not, then he’ll cry because he’s lonely [I guess]. Princess (my daughter), thankfully, will sleep right through this if she’s asleep when he wakes up, so I feel blessed in that regard. We’re attempting to feed him at least every three hours so that he gets in at least eight feedings a day, so that his bilirubin levels go down. Right now he looks like he has a light tan on his face, abdomen, arms and legs, though his arms and legs are much lighter than the rest of his body at this point.

It’s pretty much the same as always with Princess. If she didn’t feel neglected before Jak Jr was born, she certainly must now because she keeps getting into trouble and having to be punished for it. For example, today we bought some hollow eggs for a riddle style easter egg hunt. About four halves of these are now missing along with her newest pair of shoes. Not only that, she’s melted candle wax onto my desk, which now has to be cleaned I have almost no idea how. Lately, also, she’s begun to threaten us with further bad behavior if we choose to punish her for previous bad behavior. Naturally, that kind of talk leads to immediate punishment. We put her into time-out and ignore her until her time runs out. Sometimes, when she acts up, we take away some of her toys. So far, though, she’s doing a great job with keeping her room clean, so I don’t have to step all over things in order to put Jak Jr down for a nap. Also, so far as I’ve noticed, she doesn’t act up that often when it’s just the two of us, Princess and I, even if Jak Jr is in my arms and being fed, so I have to assume that she is trying to get her daddy’s attention.

My husband, for his part, is desperately trying to juggle all the responsibility suddenly thrust into his hands. Keeping the house clean, providing for meals and paying attention to his neglected (she believes) eldest child all at the same time, is proving seriously stressful for him. I have to say, though, that he appears to be working it out, somehow, so I have to hope that, eventually, Princess will get the idea that Daddy loves her and quit acting up so much. It’s not always easy parenting a fiercely independent child.

That was a real treat for me.  It was sort of like being able to see the past.  So wonderful, remembering what life was like when the kids were younger.  That’s what we’re enjoying now during our unplugged week, which comes to an end this Sunday night.  I hope you enjoyed this.

What’s your favorite memory from 2007?  Do you have a post you made on April 7, 2007?  Tell us about it!  When we’re done being unplugged, I’ll want to read your comments.