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Greetings, Princes and Princesses and welcome, once again, to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News this week, our family has decided to take things unplugged for Spring Break!  This means that any posts that take place on the family’s blogs will be reruns during this admittedly brief hiatus.  The period the family means to be unplugged is expected to extend from Saturday, March 29th to Sunday, April 6th, comprising a total of nine days.  We regret that these measures need to take place, however, we have decided that the family here at The Dragon’s Lair needs to come first.  We hope for your kind understanding.

In Sports this week, the Gonzaga bulldogs were pasted by the Arizona Wildcats, contrary to the prediction of this reporter, 84 to 61.  Unfortunately, this report has been posted before the final game is scheduled to take place, so this reporter is unable to inform you which teams have made it to the tournament’s “Elite Eight.”  However, we invite you, the reader, to report this on the family’s behalf with our considerable gratitude.

In Weather this week, things have been alternately rainy, cloudy and windy.  As this reporter confided last week, these weather conditions have had a horrible effect on jaklumen.  The pain the weather fluctuations have inflicted on him have prevented him from having a restful night’s sleep and from getting any useful work done. 

That’s all for now!  From the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene.  Be back with us next week when you’ll have the opportunity to read a post from the early days of this blog.  See you then.

Today’s blog post was sponsored by the Tao of Jaklumen (and it’s about freakin’ time, too), written and produced by my loving husband and best friend jaklumen.  His latest post is a reblog of a post from another blogging friend.  However his latest personal work is a beginning of yet another interesting comparison between a favorite movie of ours and the Hero’s Journey.  My recommendation is that you take your own hero’s journey to that blog and leave him a few interested comments.  I’m more than certain that, when he’s able to read them, he’ll be more than pleased to do so.  I love you, dear.