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Greetings, Princes and Princesses and welcome, once again, to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News today, your host celebrated her 45th birthday on the first official day of spring, as usual.  Our family celebrated at Azteca Mexican restaurant, where your host ate half a burrito, two thirds of a tamale, and half of a serving of deep-fried ice-cream (ask me for the recipe.  It’s freakishly easy and doesn’t even involve any oil).  This reporter was then serenaded by three employees, who placed a large, heavy sombrero on my head and sang “Mananitas,” a Mexican birthday song, all of which caused your host to blush furiously, even though this was precisely what I asked for. Gifts your host received this year included a $75 gift card to Catherine’s, a silver amulet of Mt. San Michel from Paris and a food dehydrator.  This reporter was thoroughly pleased with the entire affair.

Weather, this week, has been problematic.  Although the sky has been unusually clear for this time of year, there has been wind and the temperatures and humidity level have been so variable that jaklumen, the member of this family who is in the most constant pain and is, therefore, the most sensitive to such changes, has been suffering horribly for it.  Thankfully, jak is looking forward to FINALLY getting hooked up with a neuro-stimulator at the end of this month.  He expects to be temporarily out of commission for a few weeks while his pain doctor tries the device out on him.  Once they’re certain the device works, they’ll go back in and make the connections permanent.  We wish him luck.

In Sports, this week, the biggest news has been March Madness, which is the NCAA basketball tournament.  Thus far, things have been narrowed to thirty-two teams, of which the Florida Gators have already beaten the Pittsburg Panthers, 61 to 45, and the Louisville Cardinals have swept the court with the Saint Louis Billikins, 66 to 51.  The local team, the Gonzaga Bulldogs of Spokane, WA, is expected to do very well against the Arizona Wildcats having already held their own against the Oklahoma State Cowboys in a game none of the team expected to win.  They did, however, 85-77.  If you’re a fan of basketball the Dragon’s Lair invites you to click on the following link to choose which team you think will win the tournament and leave your prediction in the comment section below.

That’s all for now!  From the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene.  Be back with us next week for more News, Sports and Weather.  See you then.

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