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Greetings, Princes and Princesses and welcome, once again, to News, Sports and Weather. I’m your host, Cimmorene.

In the News this week, Shay Carl Butler, aka Shaycarl, celebrated his 34th birthday.  More importantly, however, he and his family, known throughout YouTube as the Shaytards, celebrated 5 years of daily vlogging (For those who don’t know, vlog is short for video blog and blog is short for weblog).  Twitter went crazy on Wednesday at 10:31 am as his family, friends and fans tweeted the two hashtags his company suggested: #happybirthdayshay and #2millionsubscribers (a goal they are drawing closer to achieving with every passing day).  This effects the family here at the Dragon’s Lair because Shay and his family are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).  We celebrate his success.  If you’re reading this, Shay, the family here at The Dragon’s Lair are proud to be a part of your YouTube following.

In Sports this week, the Richland High Bomber’s bid for the Class 4A championship was cut short yesterday when Garfield High beat them 68-59.  This ended the winning streak they’d been experiencing, leaving them at 25 games won, and one lost.  I’m not sure how this effects the family, since none of us really has much interest in sports of this type.  However, we still offer our condolences to the Bombers along with a wish and a hope that next year’s championship will find them at the top.

Finally, in Weather this week, we have experienced a number of rather lame attempts by mother nature to provide us with rain.  13022578013_8a5420d95bThere has been a good deal of sprinkling and lots of heavy-looking gray clouds, but not much else.  In light of the peculiar weather, jak took the opportunity to tackle some long awaited gardening projects.  One of these involved mixing fallen leaves with coffee grounds obtained at our local Starbucks™ and covering the roots of the twisted willow tree in our back yard with the mixture.  Following that, jak purchased a chipper/shredder and used it to chop up many of the fallen sticks and twigs lying in the yard as an added layer of mulch for the tree.  He was pleased to be able to say he had the willing cooperation of our children for this effort and the tree will more than likely do very well this year.

From the Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene.  Be back with us next week for more News, Sports and Weather.  See you then.

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