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Hello and welcome, again, to News, Sports, and Weather.  I’m your host, Cimmorene.

Today’s News has to do with why I’m posting this so freakishly late.  A friend of mine gifted me with a late Christmas present, a new Samsung Galaxy Tab III tablet computer.  As you might guess, the silly thing has me up to my ears in busy, what with the housekeeping and learning all the ins and outs of my newest toy.  Naturally, what with my natural enjoyment of games, my children have also taken an interest in the new tablet, which is why my son is hanging off of my shoulder as I type this.

In Sports today, I’m sad and confused to report that NBC has characterized 23-year-old Olympic gold medalist, David Wise, as living an “alternate lifestyle” because, at 23, he is happily married to a woman, is the father of a two-year-old daughter, and is considering a career in his church’s priesthood later on in his life.  Even considering how late in life jak and I started our family, I find myself baffled to think that today’s world, as represented by NBC believes that, “At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an adult.”  Readers of this article report that it’s believed a boy isn’t expected to behave in a mature fashion in today’s society until the age of 29.  I, on the other hand, can confidently report that I’ve heard stories about loads of young Mormon men who have mature family lives between the ages of 21 and 25.  jak, of course, believes that this is an attempt by the media to get revenge for all the difficulties surrounding Proposition 8.

Today’s Weather involves the word “under,” as in the phrase “under the weather.”  Last week, The Dragon’s Lair reported that the family attended RadCon.  Unfortunately, one of the souvenirs the adult members of the family brought away from this local science-fiction/fantasy convention is colloquially known as “con crud.”  This is the result of con goers arriving with either colds or the flu and passing their germs around to healthy con goers.  This happens every year.  There’s really nothing to be done about it because, even when con organizers have recommended con goers remain at home if they are sick, quite often said con goers have pre-paid and don’t want to lose the money they’ve spent.  Then again, said con goers also seem to have difficulty with reminders to bathe and sleep every day, not that I’d have any experience with that whatsoever.

From The Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene and we’ll return next week for more News, Sports and Weather.  Until then.

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