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Welcome to News, Sports and Weather, I’m your host, Cimmorene.

Today in the News, the big story that effects the family at The Dragon’s Lair, is RadCon, which is the local Science Fiction/Fantasy convention.  We get all kinds at RadCon, from anime all the way to Star Wars and Star Trek.  This year jak, Princess and I were all cosplayed (this means dressed up in costumes).  Conventions like this one are some of the few places where grown people can play dress-up.  Jak was cosplayed as Uncle Fester, which required him to shave his head completely bald except for his eyebrows and eyelashes.  Princess was cosplayed as Akita Neru, a Vocaloid, or computerized cartoon musician.  As for myself, I was cosplayed as a wandering storyteller, which isn’t really a cosplay so much as my attempt to share my talents.

In Sports, today, of course, the biggest story is about the Olympics, mainly the US difficulty in obtaining gold in Sochi in areas they were expected to succeed.  I regret to inform those who enjoy the Olympics that our family have been singularly uninterested, and whether or not the US is gaining gold in Sochi hasn’t been a question of interest for any of us.  However, I will say that I hope the US will be able to pull things out.  As a family, we wish them well.

Today’s Weather, incredibly enough, especially after all the snow last week, has been rainy.  Of course, that means that any water-based paint, or, in my case, markers, will blot and run.  If you’re going to be in the area, say for RadCon, we recommend that you bring an umbrella. 

From The Dragon’s Lair, I’m Cimmorene and we’ll return next week for more News, Sports and Weather.  Until then.

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