Welcome, Princes and Princesses alike.  Today, after much consideration, I want to debut two new logos which you’ll see in posts for a while.

First up, the logo for the telling of my story.  This is a picture I found on the internet and doctored so that it said what I wanted it to say, both thematically and in words.  My Story Widget picThis picture will now appear next to any posts that I write about my past and how I’ve tried to handle it.  Those of you who have been abused know the feeling that this picture represents, of being a prisoner in a dark place and trying to find a way into the light.  The darkness, as Calamity Rae has so eloquently said, is our willingness to keep the secret, either from ourselves or from the world, for whatever reason, be it shame or fear or habit or pain.  I am not saying that those of you who continue to remain silent are bad, just that, as I’m sure you’re more than well aware, you’re stuck and longing for the peace of mind that the light would bring you.  That peace, the ability to tell your story, the ability to tell it and be believed and supported, that is the light.  Those of us who have been abused in whatever way, seek for that light every day.  So, in the interest of trying to make these posts easier to spot and easier to find, I will include a widget in the side bar using this logo that leads to my story.

Next up, a new way to look at an old feature, originally, the Dragon’s Lair was NSW logothe place where jak and I shared the joys of our family life.  Members of our families could come here and find out what was going on in our lives. I want that to continue, here.  So, I’ve created a new serial, to take place on Saturday.  It will be called News, Sports and Weather.  The logo for that serial is pictured here.  Every week on Saturday, provided I can get my housekeeping done first, I will post a news report about what’s going on with each family member, what the top headline was in our area and how it effects our family, what the top story in sports was and how or if it effects our family and what the weather is like outside and what we think of it.  It will probably be a pretty long post.  But, whoever you are, reader, I think of you as a member of my family.  So, you’ll find this logo in a widget in the sidebar, too, in case you want to look back at old posts in News, and News, Sports and Weather or NS&W.  You’ll find them there.

I’ve been remiss in publishing my featured bloggers.  So I want to take that up on Saturdays and odd posting days, too.  With that in mind, today’s post is brought to you by benzeknees, a blog written and published by the pleasantly ticklish and upbeat benzeknees.  Her latest post was a humorous pseudo-pictorial having to do with the creation of man and the world and how they have been corrupted to make us fat.  I’ve never laughed so hard.  I suggest you pop over and give it a read.

Again, thanks for reading.  I appreciate every view and every comment.