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Before you scream with frustration that Cimmy doesn’t know how to count, I intentionally skipped day 24.  Let me explain.  Day 24 was to visit some of the other participants of the Blog event you’re participating in and comment on a couple of their entries.  Had I joined an event that had many participants, I would have visited and commented and reported back with links.  However, JED’s challenge had only one other participant, whose post I had already commented on.  The other, taking place on Cimmy’s Stories, is scheduled, so nobody has posted yet.  So, that’s why there’s no Day 24 here.  Now, on to Day 25!

Today’s assignment: Browse the blogs you follow and note a custom touch you love. Tell the blogger you love it, and interpret it for your own blog.

AL's BlogFrom the very first time my husband, jaklumen, introduced me to Aussa’s blog, I’ve been particularly taken with the fun custom headers and icons she’s put on her blog.  Each of them leads to previous blog entries she’s written.  I’m going to do something similar with my blog, but with a twist!  The graphic you see to the left there is going into my sidebar, just Z2HJan14like in Aussa’s blog.  However, if you click on it, it will lead you to the entire category of Zero to Hero blog posts, starting with the latest one (I’d start with the first one, but, sadly, I don’t know how to do that, yet.  If you do, please inform me in the comments section below).  I may make a new one for any other challenges or blog events I participate in.  Who knows?  Anyway, thank you for lending me your creativity, Aussa.

This blog post is brought to you today by Not a Punk Rocker, published by the amazing and determined Sheena.  Her latest post is her accountability post, since she’s trying to lose a little weight and is having some trouble.  Please visit her blog and give her some support.