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Today’s challenge: Publish a roundup post that links to posts on at least three other blogs, and tell us why you love the posts — and why we should read ‘em.

I’ve spent the past several weeks talking about various bloggers and telling which blog post they posted last and what I liked about it.  Today, I will share the very first post of three of my very favorite bloggers.  I should mention that each of these bloggers has been previously featured on this blog.

First up is Rara Saur, author of the blog titled, Rarasaur.  Her first post went up on 15 August 2012, more than a year ago.  It was titled “My Husband is Wrong About… French Presses.”  Her husband, author Grayson Queen, had published an article the previous month.   Having recently purchased a french press coffee strainer, Mr. Queen was of the opinion that he should have just purchased a coffee machine, stating that he didn’t believe the french press was worth the money he’d spent on it.  Rara devoted the first post on her now highly popular blog to refuting this claim, barring a few minor exceptions.  Although I don’t drink coffee, I thought her arguments were well organized and thoughtful.  If I drank coffee, I could see myself enjoying the ownership of a french press.

Next, we move to Aussa Lorens, author of the blog titled HACKER. NINJA. HOOKER. SPY. Her first post went up about five months ago on 4 October 2013, a post titled “I Need a Cup of Wine.”  The blog had gone online just three days prior but, having nothing in mind to write about, she had put it off.  However, following a routine change of phone number, she was contacted by her attorney.  Apparently, Creepy Stalker Ex–Boyfriend had come up with a clever new way in which he hoped to overturn her restraining order against him.  What a pain!  To try to calm down, she had decided to enjoy what her friends called “a cup of wine” which really meant an entire bottle.  In case you were wondering, this set the stage for a seriously long and involved series of posts as to how she got involved with CSXB and all the frustrating trouble she’s had with him since then.  Not to mention struggles she’s had in other areas as well.  It’s this wonderfully funny focus on her life’s troubles that has won her a permanent place in my heart.

Finally, let’s talk about Rachel, author of the blog titled Calamity Rae.  Her first post went up six months ago on 12 September 2013, a post titled “The ‘Vicious’ Obituary.”  When the blog originally went online, Rachel had been waiting for the right issue to write her first post about, with the idea that such a post would set the blog off nicely (which it did).  Two days previous, her local newspaper had printed an obituary regarding the death of a woman.  That obituary stated on no uncertain terms that the woman in question had been abusive towards her children.  Rachel’s purpose in writing an article with this obituary as its centerpiece wasn’t to discuss the obituary, but to discuss the issue of child abuse.  In it, she stated her firm belief that people shouldn’t condemn adult survivors of child abuse for being vindictive toward their abusers.  Aside from that, she made a number of very interesting and credible assertions about people who have experienced child abuse and the things they generally go through.  Since then, she has proven to be entirely willing to speak her mind on any topic that touches her experience.  Considering the fact that we are both survivors ourselves, I am pleased to call Rachel a friend.

All of these blog posts have something in common.  They are posts written by strong, talented women who aren’t about to let their stories be silenced.  They understand the underlying principle of this blog, that life is a story that needs to be told.  Ladies, I honor you and, because of this, there will be no featured blog today.  I’ll do that tomorrow.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already, visit these three blogs and get to know their courageous, thoughtful storytellers.