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Today’s challenge: Find a blogging event (try our Blog Event Listings) and throw your hat into the ring.

I actually got excited about this assignment, especially since there have been two blogging events offered up right here in my blog reader!  From Okay, What If? , a challenge to make him smile (I made a suggestion and he wants me to write it out).  From The Matticus Kingdom, there’s the Marvel vs DC tug of war.  Then, most recently, Laith’s Ramblings announced its Group Haiku Project.  He’s going for the jugular there and wants everyone to write haiku about the first part of JRR Tolkien’s masterpiece of fiction, the Lord of the Rings.  I’ve already stated my preference for Marvel Comics, so I don’t really feel comfortable writing about that.  The Haiku project is something I intend to take to Cimmy’s Stories.  Expect to see tons and tons of haiku there for a while.  That leaves JED’s challenge.  My response to his challenge was “What if it turned out that Insane Asylums were full of sane people who can’t handle that everyone else is crazy?”

Since my main desire is to pique your interest and make you want to read the whole post, I’ll leave you some breadcrumbs.  Feel free to come visit JED at Okay, What If? and read the rest for yourself.  If it’s not there, you have two choices as I see it, either scream, cry and complain to JED or wait it out.

What if the Sane Were Locked Up in Psychiatric Hospitals?

Every day we drive to work or sit in front of our computers (or both).  We visit the grocery store or the library or the park and we interact with the ordinary people that we meet every day.  We never stop to think that this person we’re looking at might have issues of their own.  Some of these issues even qualify under the umbrella term of “crazy.”

… (to be continued)

This blog post has been brought to you today by Refiner’s Travel Blog, written by jak’s and my friend Eileen, a long haul trucker.  Due to the nature of her job, she posts infrequently at best.  However, among other things, her blog gives you an idea of what the life of a trucker is like, as she states in her latest post.  Why not drive your browser on down there and check her out.  I mean her blog!  Check her blog out!Laughing out loud