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Today’s assignment: publish a post inspired your post from Day 19, and publicize it on one or more of your social networks.

So, two days ago, on day 19, I posted a link to that post’s featured blogger.  I love reading other people’s blogs.  I don’t get out much or have much in the way of friends I can talk with, so I get a real kick out of reading and commenting about all the wonderful interesting stuff you post on your blogs.  It doesn’t have to be happy stuff.  It doesn’t have to be businesslike stuff.  It can be any old stuff at all.  I’m just happy that you have all let me into your lives.

I get so much from you guys, besides friendship I mean.  I already have a number of subjects I feel the need to post about that many of you have already addressed in your own blogs. I love the wonderful stories you all tell. I can see quite a few of them getting pseudo plagiarized and used as story fodder.

So, what’s the message of this blog post?  Keep on posting, my friends.  You have no idea just how much I get from every word of yours that I read.

Today’s blog post was brought to you by WordPress’s one and only rarasaur.  Rara is a highly talented, funny, creative writer, artist, all-around blogging powerhouse and dinosaur.  Her latest post is a plug for the newly published book of her talented husband, Grayson Queen.  So, I guess, in a strange, roundabout way, this post is brought to you by Grayson as well.  Yeah, a two-fer!  Anyway, why not go ahead and mosey on down to Rara’s blog and show her and Grayson some support.

Before I go, I should mention that this blog promotes itself on most social networks.  Assignment 21, in the bag!

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