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Today’s assignment: Explore one or more social networks, and start an account so you can being exploring the possibilities. If you’re already active on a social network, set up Publicize and link the account to your blog, and/or create a strategy for how you’ll use it.

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Paint a Watercolour Picture That Tells a Story | Features | Painters Online

For the purposes of this assignment, I started up a Pinterest account.  My main interest in Pinterest was the images.  You’ve heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”?  Well to me, what’s fun is finding the thousand words that go with the pictures.  Coming up with the story that goes with a given picture is lots of fun.  I’ve even run across a blog or two where they do that!  For example, take this painting to the right.  Here’s someone walking around in the rain.  A blue umbrella has been pulled down over a brown-haired head.  Other figures near the main one seem to be walking in the other direction.  Also, the houses in the background speak of a foreign locale.  Even the smudged quality of the painting makes the whole thing seem unusually wet.  So, who is this wet walker with the blue umbrella?  What foreign locale is he or she visiting?  What about the other figures in the painting?  Who are they?  Where are they going?  What do they think about each other as they pass?

Therein lies the story!  So, here’s a great big welcome to Pinterest and, if you happen to have a Pinterest account of your own, let me know so that I can find and follow you.

This blog post has been brought to you by Okay, What If? the personal plaything of the ever creative and amazing JED.  His latest post discusses the disturbing tendency of our society to invent “apocalypses” for ourselves.  I heartily suggest you give it a read.

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