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Today’s assignment: read six posts written in response to yesterday’s prompt, and leave comments on at least two of them.


Accomplishing this task was a snap.  Also, I didn’t just comment on two.  I’m a talker.  I commented on all the posts I read.  The hard part is going to be figuring out how to write about it.


Now let’s see…


A couple of the blogs I responded to are in my reader.  I love reading these guys’ posts, but I’m not ready to feature either of them yet.  The other four were out there in what I choose to call the blog-wilderness, blogs that were new territory.  Sort of like listening into a conversation between two strangers while you’re waiting for the bus, only less of an uncomfortable situation if you decide to speak up and add your own thoughts.


There were some interesting takes on the subject.  A few decided to tackle the meaning of the word “reputation,” why it exists and what it really means.  One author I read even offered his readers the opportunity to decide for themselves, which I thought was a pretty good comment on the nature of reputation and how subjective it really is.


All of it gave me a greater insight into the nature of reputation, where it really comes from and what it means.  Normally, when I’m passionate about something, when I’ve formed an opinion about it, I can’t shut up about it.  This exercise actually gave me an opportunity to form an opinion about reputation, of all things.  I never thought I’d have an opinion about that.  I never thought I would be someone who could get into a long involved conversation on what a reputation is and why it is.


So, WordPress and all of you whose blogs I read, thank you.  You’ve opened my eyes.  I guess they needed to be opened.


Also, I hear you groaning to me, “But Cimmy, where are the luscious links to all these remarkable blogs you’re talking about?  Can’t I read them myself?”  You can.  Go out there and search the blogosphere.  Broaden your mind!  Now is your chance to read about reputations yourself.  Most of us who have chosen to write about this have links and track backs at the bottom of the post and in the comments section.  See if you can find all the ones I commented on.  Think of it as a challenge.


This post was brought to you today by Lauowolf’s Blog, written by the funny and occasionally random Lauowolf.  Unfortunately, Lauowolf’s latest post was three lines written several weeks ago and discussing her cat’s insistence in urinating outside the litter box.  Why don’t we all head over there and spam the heck out of her comments so she knows we want more?



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