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Today’s assignment: open the Customizer and try out some new fonts and colors (and backgrounds and/or headers, if you’re still undecided).

I knew eventually, I was going to come to a challenge I’d already done.  Also, with Chateau, the font isn’t customizable for free.  In order for me to upgrade it with the Chateau theme, I’d have to buy WordPress Premium, which I can’t afford.  What I can do is tell you what changes I’ve already made to the theme I picked for this blog and the changes I made to the theme on Cimmy’s Stories.

So, for the Dragon’s Lair, after I picked Chateau, I went to the Appearance tab to fiddle around with things there.  The main reason for this is because I agree with WordPress; you’re more likely to write in a blog that you’ve made your own in some way.  So the original Chateau background was white with black font and a red band.  I changed the band color first, to blue, then aqua.  After that, I checked the Theme Options and discovered that it’s possible to change the background from light/black font to dark/white font, so I did that.  When I showed jak, he was impressed.  Then, I noticed that I could change the background color, so I fiddled with that until I had a color I liked, which is the current background color.  As stated, I can’t change the font without buying premium.  Also, I’ve looked at their options and, quite frankly, they’re not what I had in mind for this blog at all.  Also part of the reason I picked Chateau was for the font it provided with the title, so why should I change that?

On to Cimmy’s Stories.  I went through similar steps while upgrading this blog.  I wanted it to have a more magazine-like feel to it, though I’ve yet to find an image that I like to round the header out.  Anyway, after trying several themes, I chose Ascetica.  Jak is my style editor, even though he doesn’t usually write to many of my blogs.  He has a good eye for what will look good and he wanted something with lines on it, like notebook paper.  So, since WordPress didn’t have anything like that in their background gallery I found something online and used that for a background image.  As for the colors, I like them as they are.  Dark colors on the Dragon’s Lair hint at the darkness in my past and the dragons I’m trying to slay or tame.  The white background on Cimmy’s Stories, however, make me think of how bright my future is and the brightness I get out of writing every day.

This blog is brought to you by JED’s Playhouse, written by JED.  This blog is a treasure trove of fiction and fantasy, poetry and stories.  JED’s latest post, an entry in the Trifecta/Trifextra Challenge, is a beautiful 33 word poem calling to mind the first time the writer (and, by extension, the reader) first fell in real honest love.  It’s a real tear jerker and well worth a look.

Bonus question for those of you who like them, would you say I’ve found my blogging voice?