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They’ve left it up to me this time, so I can blog about whatever pleases me.  I love the suggestion to discuss what I’ve learned from the challenges thus far.

First of all, I’ve learned that change is good.  Updating things so that your blog will draw attention to itself is always a good idea.  Exploring new themes, changing your tagline and/or your widgets as your interests change and your voice changes with them should be something you always do.

Second, check out your neighborhood.  No blog should be an island (to paraphrase an old saying).  You should get out there and explore other people’s blogs, let them inspire you and share them with other visitors to your own blog.  You shouldn’t withhold your opinion, but, at the same time, be polite and helpful rather than critical and provoking.

Last, but certainly not least, I need my own graphics.  I mean, borrowing other people’s artwork is okay, but I need to come up with something myself, something I can say is exclusively mine.  Something I could even make into a badge, like so many of you have, so those of you that I’ve featured could display that like a trophy.  Originality is key.

Well, that’s it for now.  Today’s blog post was brought to you by jane sleeps here, written, understandably enough, by the wonderful jane. In her latest post, a response to a prompt from WordPress’ The Daily Post, she tells about a time when things turned out exactly as she hoped they would.  I found it an interesting read.  I invite you to go and give her a few comments, so she knows it, too.