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Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog!

The comment I’ve chosen to build on is the one I made to Calamity Rae, the blog featured yesterday.  The post I commented on was her post about the redecorating she’s been doing with her blog and the great badge she’s created for it, the “Bad Ass Bitch” badge.  Rachel, in her infinite wisdom, offered the possibility of having the word “bitch” exchanged for “chick” if so desired.  My response was that I was more of a broad than a bitch or a chick.  In point of fact there’s a big long list of terms used commonly to describe women, but I want to focus on these three terms and why I prefer to be called a “broad” instead of a “bitch” or a “chick.”

Let’s start with “chick,” shall we?  In ordinary speak, a chick is a baby bird.  It was originally meant to be used to describe a young chicken.  WikiAnswers tells us that the term was believed to have been originally used to describe women in Sinclair Lewis’ book, Elmer Gantry in 1927.  However, the term is shown to be in use for much longer, though prior to that, a young woman was usually referred to in the same way the British colloquially refer to them, as “birds.”  So, I guess it should be no real surprise that the word “chick” should eventually come to mean a young woman.  The trouble is that I’m not, strictly speaking, young.  I know you look at my Gravatar picture and see a fairly young-looking female.  Trust me, I’m approaching 45.  I’m no “chick.”

Now, let’s look at “bitch.”  I know from Wikipedia that feminists would like to use this word to mean a female who is strong and assertive.  However, originally this word was used to draw a very unflattering comparison between a woman and a female dog in heat.  When a female dog is in heat, she’ll bang any male dog that comes her way, even if that dog is too big or small a breed for her.  I know the link I’ve given you leads to a definition of the word used as an insult.  The reason for this is that I’ve rarely ever heard the word used with any other connotation.  So, as much as I respect those feminists who want to reclaim the word and use it as a compliment, I still don’t believe that this word applies to me.

Finally, we can talk about being a “broad.”  WordOrigins claims that the original slang meaning of the word comes from a game called “three card monte,” in which game the goal is to pick the queen from the three displayed cards.  People offering to play this game on the streets are usually con artists.  That means that the queen was usually very hard to find.  WordOrigins claims that the word eventually came to mean a prostitute, but even that isn’t necessarily bad if you consider it carefully.  Most street prostitutes are necessarily tough and they have lots of what’s called “street smarts.”  My personal preference for the term, though, comes from my father.  I have big hips and big shoulders and my dad used to say I was “broad where a broad should be broad.”  That only means that I’m built to have children. I’m curvy where a woman is meant to be curvy. 

A queen that is hard to find? 

A tough, street savvy woman? 

A woman built to be a mother?

How can I resist all of that?  Not to mention, I’m one of few women who can say she runs a one-woman gun show, even when I’m nearly a hundred fifty pounds overweight.  So, in my own mind at least, I’m a broad.

Do you agree or disagree with my argument?  If you’re a woman, which word do you prefer? If you’re a man, is there a slang term you like to use to describe yourself?  Tell me in the comments!

This blog post has been brought to you today by HACKER, NINJA, HOOKER, SPY, produced by the amazingly funny, tough and talented Aussa Lorens.  Her latest post, which gives further information about how she handled the situation with her abusive ex-boyfriend, had me right on the edge of my seat as I was reading it.  I’m having difficulty handling the suspense, but she promises that there’s much more to come.  Definitely go over and read it!