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Today’s assignment: leave comments on at least three blogs that you’ve never commented on before.

In addition to commenting on blogs I’ve never commented on before, I’ve been invited with this task to discuss what about the blogs I read inspired me to comment.  Since this works well with my usual deal, I intend to do exactly that.  The final blog I mention will be this blog’s featured blog.

First of all, since my list of subscriptions is approaching seventy, I’ll be one of those delving deeper.  So, without adding any more subscriptions, at least for the moment.  Now, to business.

The first new blog I commented at was called TheScottBeat, written by freelance reporter Scott Campbell.  TheScottBeat is mostly flash fiction of 100 words or less.  He’ll name a scene and then write about it.  The post I commented on was his chase scene.  Without giving away too much, I’ll just say that I loved how his story held on to the suspense until the last possible moment, when he pulled the rug out from under the reader’s feet.  It’s an excellent blog.  As to what kinds of conversation happen there, it doesn’t look to me like he’s gotten much in the way of comments.  So, maybe go there and check him out.  I may return and subscribe to it later, myself.

The second place I chose to comment was Kristin Lamb’s Blog, written, unsurprisingly, by Kristin Lamb, the author of the #1 best-selling books “We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide to Social Media” & “Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer.”  The post I chose to comment on was one of those “You Know You’re a…” posts, this one about writers.  Usually these can be pretty boring.  However, this one was actually funny.  When last I looked, this particular posting had nearly a hundred fifty comments on it.  Most of the comments were written by fans of her work adding to her list, telling her how funny it was or reblogging it to their own blogs.  My comment wasn’t much different.  Still, whether or not you’re a writer, this post definitely deserves the attention. 

The final place I commented, and today’s featured blog, was Calamity Rae, written by self proclaimed “bad ass bitch” Rachel Mallino, the author of two poetry chapter books, “Inside Bone There’s Always Marrow” (Maverick Duck Press) and “309.81” (Dancing Girl Press). Just lately she’s been redecorating the place.  The post that drew my attention was her explanation of the new badge she’s created, the “Bad Ass Bitch” badge, which she is currently giving away to all takers in an effort to build solidarity.  As to the conversation, she has thirteen comments on this posting, one of whom is my husband, jaklumen (plug), most of them complimenting her on the new layout she chose and a few of them asking for the new badge.  I did both.  Her latest post was more of an apology because she made a mistake with her contact form.  So anyone who has filled that puppy out prior to like New Years should probably go and fill it out again just to be safe.