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Today’s assignment: create and upload a simple header, or test out a few different backgrounds.

Orig Header

So, today’s assignment is a choice.  Either create and upload a header, or try some new backgrounds.  As you see here, I’ve already done some pretty hefty personalizing.  I changed the background from light to dark and the accent color from red to blue.  I also changed the layout so that my widget bar is to the right rather than the left and shortened my tagline, which, though I made a big deal out of being able to keep it as it was, really was too long.  I think it looks better now.  Finally, I changed the archive style from detail to concise.  The nine most recent posts are listed by date below with a small amount of text to give you an idea what the post was about.  However, the latest post is the one that’s showcased.  The whole idea is to prevent the reader from having to read completely through nine old posts just to see what I’ve been doing lately besides discussing changing my header or my background. Anyway, I hope we’re not going to experiment with more personalization, since I’ve done most of that already.

Chg 1 BackgroundIn the appearance menu, there’s an option to change the background.  I seriously contemplated it.  I even tried a number of the images stored in the customizer that you can’t really access unless you buy the premium version of WordPress (which I’m not going to do because no dough).  Then I tried just using my header image.  As you see, that makes it seriously busy and I can’t read any of the text, even if I switched things back to light rather than dark. So, instead I just changed the background color from black to this beautiful dark indigo color. It’s simple and it doesn’t detract from the posts. 

Chg 2 HeaderFinally, I decided to change my original header image, which was cool and I liked it, to another dragon image I found on the internet (Please, don’t think I drew any of these images).  I think the artist that created this image really captured the majesty that is the dragon (Aw, I hear you laughing, but, in all seriousness I really do think dragons are majestic. That’s why this is “The Dragon’s Lair”).  So here, at last, is the new and improved Dragon’s Lair Blog.  What do you think?

Today’s blog entry is brought to you by Daily (w)rite, created by freelance writer damyanti.  Like many bloggers at this time of the year, damyanti is on hiatus.  However, her most recent post discusses the beginning of her blogging  and writing journey.  I found it highly instructional.  I’m sure the same will be true for you.