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Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you have. Include at least one you would never think of using.

DL Orig Theme

This isn’t an assignment that requires blogging.  However, I wanted you guys to have an idea of what has changed about my blog.  To start off with, the theme I’ve been using for a while here on WordPress is called “Twenty-Ten.”  It’s among the free themes available for WordPress bloggers.  I mean because I’m financially challenged and stuff.  I’ve loved this theme, but it’s kind of bland so, when the challenge suggested changing it, I said okay.  I don’t know if the final result will be any less bland, but that’s not the point of this experiment.  It’s time to try a little something new.  I should mention here that all the themes we’re testing here are absolutely free.

DL 1st New ThemeSo, the first new theme I tried is one called “Twenty Fourteen.”  This is the default theme for new blogs begun this year.  It’s nice and clean and very pleasant looking. It has that nice search button at the top there so that you can find anything I’ve written.  Also, it’s capable of a magazine-like front page, where any group of posts I like can be featured.  The problems I have with are as follows.  First, the title is too small.  I’d almost have to add text to my header to be sure the title would be seen.  Then the sidebar is too narrow to suit me and also the footer makes my weight-loss counter widget too small.    Next!

DL 2nd New ThemeThe next theme I checked out was called “Writr.” I love how customizable this theme is.  There are six featured color schemes available.  The header is actually a full picture rather than just a one to two inch strip at the top and the first post is right at the top.  As with most of the new themes this year, I can have a static front page if  I want one and I can set a background image if I want to also.  The only problem I have with it is that there’s not much widget space.  It also makes my tagline seem entirely too long.  More exploring!

DL 3rd New ThemeNext up, I tried a theme titled, “Chateau.”  It has a decidedly romantic feel because of the font and the layout.  I love the fact that my oversized tagline seems entirely appropriate here.  The header is probably a bit big, but not too much so.  The tags I used and the Edit button are right close to the top of each post, as well as a button inviting you to leave a comment.  I think this may be the theme I pick.  However, per the instructions I need to choose one I’d NEVER think of using.  Let’s do that now.

DL 4th New ThemeThis is the theme I would NEVER use.  I mean NEVER, EVER.  It’s called “Chalkboard.”  Still, I want to give credit where credit is due.  This theme is playful.  It highlights my title and tagline nicely without making me feel like it’s too long and all the widgets seem to be in the right places.  So what’s wrong with it?  It’s not grown up enough.  I’ll admit, it appeals to the child in me.   It makes me want to giggle.  The problem is that dragons don’t giggle.  Their laughter sounds more like choking and you never want them to smile at you.  I guess the best way I could put it is that it doesn’t fit.

So, “Chateau” is the new theme.  I hope you enjoy it.  Now, to the featured blog.

Today’s post is brought to you by cogitabunda, a blog that I found through WordPress’ Freshly Pressed page and masterfully created by published author, Arthur Russell.  He’s currently on vacation, but his latest post is the reason I subscribed to his blog in the first place.  In it, Arthur discusses being homeless in Chester, Pennsylvania, and the one Thanksgiving when a kind family invited him to share their meal with them and the amazing lesson he learned as a result.  I love reading stuff like this.  I feel it inspires the greatness in me.  If you read Mr. Russell’s blog, I think you’ll feel the same way.