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This title made me think of a song I used to hear on Sesame Street called the People in your Neighborhood, usually sung by Bob McGrath.  Anyway, on to today’s challenge!

Follow five new topics in the Reader, and begin finding blogs (and bloggers) you love.

Okay, in kind of a strange way WordPress is inviting me to add and feature five new blogs in this post.  So, today I’ll be following what I believe to be the spirit of the assignment by featuring five different blogs I found while following five new topics.

My first topic selection was “Art & Design.”  While there, I discovered this lovely blog titled Design of the Picture Book, written by writer and children’s librarian, Carter Higgins.  Her latest post details her top 5 most popular posts of the previous year, all of which were about picture books.  What else would you expect from a children’s librarian?

The next topic I picked was “Books.”  My eyes immediately lit on the blog of publicist and admitted fan girl, Gabrielle, titled The Contextual LifeHer latest post gives the titles of 6 new books out in paperback this month.  Give her a look, if you’re interested in reading some new material.

The third topic chosen was “Crafts & Home.” Here, the blog that caught my eyes is called You and Mie, written by craft and sewing guru, Cherie.  Her latest post takes the time to wish you and your family a beautiful and amazing New Year.

For my fourth topic, I chose “Culture.”  The blog which I decided to follow here was titled Taste of Japan, a blog written by Swedish graphics designer, kojiki.  This blog’s latest post gives details on a piece of equipment called “hagoita” used to play a game called “hanetsuki,” commonly played during the New Year’s celebration. 

My fifth and final topic choice was “Staff Picks.”  Here, I found a blog cleverly titled The Middlest Sister, by creative cartoonist Nicole Belanger Smeltzer.  Her latest post is a beautiful piece explaining why her family no longer welcomes tinsel during the Christmas season.

I invite all of you who currently read my blog to give these five blogs a look, especially if you haven’t heard of them, yet.