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New Years Resolutions

Remember the last time we talked about making New Years Resolutions, not that long ago?  My husband, jaklumen, suggested showing you what I meant, by putting my solution into action.  At the same time, I thought I would show you the goal making website, called 43 Things

Now, if you’ve been following along, I said in my solution, to start out only making one resolution, to make it specific and to give it a deadline.  In the graphic for this entry, you’ll see that the topmost entry here is “Lose 100 pounds by New Years Day 2015.”  This is my main resolution.  Listed after it is my mid-range goal, followed by my short-range goal.  Finally, I have four mini goals, which is 1 more than I suggested you should have to support your short-range goal.

Now, about 43 Things, every day that you do something about a goal, you can , effectively, blog or journal about it.  Other people who are trying to accomplish the same or similar goals can cheer you on.  As for you, you get 5 cheers to use every day.  This makes goal setting and accomplishment very much a team effort.  This is important because keeping your goals/resolutions is very hard to do by yourself.  That’s the premise that 43 Things is set up on.  Given the nature of this year’s resolution, I’m teaming this up with My Fitness Pal, whose widget is in the sidebar.  So, in kind of a weird way, I’m making you a part of my team.  Go team Cimmy!

Are you making a New Years Resolution this year?  How do you plan to follow through this year?  Did you use the Resolution Solution?  What’s your opinion of goal setting websites like 43 Things?

Today’s blog post is brought to you by behindthemaskofabuse, by the strong, yet feminine blogger and abuse survivor, Zoe.  Her latest post, New Year New Me…, discusses her (IMO successful) attempt to enjoy her New Years while trying to fend off her sister’s  efforts to drag Zoe back into a life of miserable subservience to her sister’s narcissistic personality.  When I read it, I found myself cheering Zoe on.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.