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Hey, everybody, Christmas is right around the corner so I’ve been up since dawn making presents.  We purchased most of the gifts this month.  The kids did their Christmas shopping yesterday.  I wrapped them all today.  I also parceled out the stocking stuffers.  I sincerely hope that they won’t yank the stockings off the mantelpiece like they did last year.  Anyway, once I had my immediate family taken care of, including helping my kids wrap the gifts they bought yesterday, I had to move on to making gifts for people outside my family.  I made six jars of “Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar, filled a jar with some leftover Christmas candy and made a batch of Whole Wheat Breadmaker Mix (Make-a-Mix Cookery).  Lastly, since we plan to be at my in-laws for Christmas Eve (we’ve been invited over for chili), I made a pan of cornbread.

(sigh) I’m beat.  My kitchen is a mess.  However, tomorrow morning from 7AM to noon (Pacific Standard Time) I don’t plan on doing much except unwrapping presents and talking to people on Company for Christmas.  If you’re interested in talking with me, look for my page on the site.  It’s titled “Sugar Cookies and Cimmorene”.  That’s where I’ll be.  I need to take a shower now.  So, I’ll leave you all to your own devices until tomorrow.

Merry Christmas and see you all on Blogger tomorrow when I add another blessing to my list.  Until then!