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I’m feeling nostalgic, so this is going to be extremely link intensive.  I counted and I follow 57 blogs currently.  Some of them may be yours.  Only four of them are exclusively mine.  Two belong to my husband.  One of them we share. 

My Blogging History

I’ve been blogging for about a year or two less than my husband, jaklumen, has.  But I don’t have records of any of the LiveJournal stuff I’ve posted.  My earliest available blog entry was on 2 April, 2007 on a little-known platform called Vox, which is now dead.  Jak and Cimmy’s Journal Jar had its start there.  Later, when we learned that Vox was being pulled on 30 September 2010, I moved, along with about half of Vox to a platform called TypePad, which is still up, but was endlessly frustrating for me. So on the suggestion of my husband, I moved again, this time to WordPress and I’ve been mostly here ever since.

About My Blogs

I’ve been told that a good blogger needs to have a theme for his or her blog and stick to that.  I don’t know how well I’ve done with that.  I just like to write. That’s all.  Blogging gave me a good outlet for that.  Until a few years ago, I only had the one.  When I moved from Vox, that suddenly blossomed to three:  My main one, where I was and am still trying to find my voice; Cimmy’s Stories, which became the outlet for most of my creativity; and the Journal Jar, which I still share with jaklumen and is basically our place for sharing our personal histories and also various interesting items we’ve found on the internet.  More recently, I had space I wasn’t using for anything on Blogger (thanks in part to Google), so I started two blogs there.  The first of these was exclusively for scripture study and the second has since become a place for documenting my blessings.  Finally, thanks to my recent interest in the YouTube show called MyMusic, created by the Fine brothers, I set up a Tumblr account and, not wishing to have the space empty, I filled that blog with book reviews, short ones.

Other Blogs I Follow

Now it’s time for me to call attention to the other blogs I’ve given my attention.  Yes, I’m probably pointing at you.  I don’t know if I have space to mention all 57 blogs I follow, but I will give it a huge try.  When I started out, there was only one person I was interested in following.  That person, of course, was my husband, jaklumen.  He has two blogs I follow, his main blog, titled the Tao of Jaklumen (whose theme is how Taoism and the symbolism of the monomyth has intersected with his life), and TechsWrite: the Helpful Techie (whose theme is providing helpful information about current technology and wasn’t originally started by him).  I follow a series of blogs run by corporate or religious  entities.  The one of these that I probably pay the most attention to is probably GeekMom, wherein a number of geeky mothers talk about how they are attempting to raise their children to accept their geeky ways.  There are also one or two other blogs I follow for information, a group I follow that are either artistic, funny, inspiring, or interesting and a number that haven’t been updated in years.  Over the next week or so, I plan to go through my feed reader and weed out what were once called “dinosaurs,” meaning the aforementioned blogs that haven’t been updated in a while.  Once I’ve done that, I want to feature one of you each week.  I don’t get the comments that some of you do, but I’m not completely jealous.  I love all of you and I’m trying to show that love to you with likes, comments and, now, links.

Hope your Christmas, this year, is filled with everything you love, along with just enough stress to make your blogs, if you have one (or more than one) interesting to your readers.  Happy Holidays, my friends.

Finally, a few of my friends ask a number of questions at the end of their blog entries.  In the interest of drumming up comments, I thought I would try that as well.  Here we go.

What’s your blog history?  How long have you been blogging?  Do you look for something specific when you choose blogs to follow?  What do you think you do that gets people to comment  more?