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I promised you all I would put up an item celebrating my anniversary with jaklumen, but he beat me to it.  If you’d like to go there and see what he wrote, I’d be thrilled.  Also, you should know that, when he showed it to me (at 3 AM.  Guess he couldn’t wait for me to see it), I cried.  Anyway, don’t leave your comments on this blog (though you can.  Comments here are still active), but go and leave them in the comments for the item listed below.

15 years of love | jak & Cimmy’s Journal Jar.

Also please visit jak’s blog, the Tao of Jaklumen, and leave interested comments on some of his other items.  He has a number of interesting (well I think they’re interesting) posts about how movies, books and stories all fit into something called “the Monomyth,” which is meant to be a road map for our own lives.  Anyway, go check it out and leave lots and lots of comments so he knows you care.  Tell him I sent you.  😉